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Rieko is a multidisciplinary designer and visual storyteller. he uses ai as a pencil to create visual stories that captivate.

Rieko has always been interested in the potential of technology to create new and innovative art forms. His use of ai results in stunning and unique art series that feel familiar but are unlike anything you have seen before.

The art of Rieko has one foot grounded in society and the other in imagination. His work is sure to wow, inspire and put a smile upon your face.

Landgoed Plattenberg
The Netherlands

rieko on art

"It seems we’ve hacked the creation of beauty with AI. But beauty without a message is just visual opium for the mind. Like sex without love, fun but empty.

Beauty with a story, gives meaning, inspires, makes you think.

Just like with a pencil, it’s possible to use AI to create beautiful pictures. But the real value always lies in the story you tell with them."



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All art on this website is created with imagination first and brought to life with the help of AI. All humans portrayed are non existent. Their stories however are.